Promoting Black Inclusion and Excellence at UTM

UTM’s Community-Specific Response to the Recommendations of the University of Toronto’s Anti-Black Racism Task Force
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We have designed this site to document and track progress related to UTM’s unique, campus-specific response to the Anti-Black Racism Task Force’s recommendations.

On this website, you will learn about how UTM is implementing these recommendations that address anti-Black racism and promote Black inclusion and excellence across all aspects of University life.

What are The Recommendations?

The task force’s recommendations included several systemic-level suggestions that were congruent across all three working groups (students, faculty, and staff), as well as some recommendations that were specific to each working group in seven separate categories.

Systemic Recommendations

  • Leadership and accountability - the University must have focused EDI leadership that is embedded across all faculties, colleges and campuses
  • Diverse governance - U of T’s highest governance bodies must reflect the diversity of the University community
  • Collection and use of data - the University must improve their practices related to collecting and using smart data that is disaggregated by race
  • Funding structures and advancement support - the University must redesign its current funding mechanism for EDI initiatives since it is highly problematic and can hinder progress
  • Promoting Black inclusive spaces - the University must create spaces for Black students to build community and find support and solace
  • Complaints and investigations processes - the University must clarify the process for making and investigating complaints of discrimination and harassment
  • Anti-Black racism training - the University must create and ensure completion of easily-accessible training on anti-Black racism

Students & Curricula Recommendations

The Students & Curricula Recommendations centered on:

  • Access and recruitment
  • Admissions and orientation
  • A thriving student body, and
  • Alumni engagement

Faculty, Instructors & Librarians Recommendations

The Faculty, Instructors & Librarians Recommendations focused on:

  • Establishing a culture of recruiting, championing and nourishing Black academic excellence and inclusive classrooms.

Staff Recommendations

The Staff Recommendations involved:

  • Talent acquisition and hiring
  • Performance management, training, and development
  • Succession planning/career management, and
  • Engagement and retention